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YOUR Story

Everyone Welcome to Those Lovable Infants and Toddlers website. For many years I have cared for children

of all ages, but my passion has been for Infants and Toddlers. For the last five years I have worked at a learning

day care center, my position was to work with 1 month to 1 year old. It was amazing to watch them grown

and change. We helped them with their motor skills, rolling over, crawling, siting up and walking. Part of

teaching was showing pictures, reading to them, and singing songs. I enjoyed doing this with the children

and you will too.



My life with children has been very rewarding and educational.

Learned about children from many people over the years, starting at 12, I spent a lot of time babysitting, while I was

teaching them, they taught me as well. We went to the park, for walks and did many other educational activities., After raising

a family, I found myself wanting to work with children again. So I had a day care in my home for 2 or 3 years

Then I started working in a Learning care center which was more structured to better assist the children in motor skills and

other activities.

At the school we had educational classes, all day seminars and discussions sessions. We also had to work with the State

regulations as well as school rules, this equipped me with knowledge and skills to help



We are not only trying to prepare the children for the future, we also work with the parents, we talk to them about

the activities of the day and answer questions about how they are progressing in their daily activities

Over the years many things have changed with the way children are being raises.


All the best,


thoselovableinfants and

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