Activities for Babies Development – The all Develop at their own Pace

In 12 months your precious little one will go through an amazing and

unbelievable transformation.

When starting out we all wondered what to expect next in our newborns

life, and are they on the right track.

newborn baby

Our little ones seem to develop in stages. Three months at a time.

The same is for development activities as well as milestones. However

our little one is not really concerned about the activities or the milestones,

They are only trying to learn about this strange outside world around them.

small newborn

0 – 1 month – Ever soTiny but Sweet

There are still developmental activities for them, and fun for all too.

During the first month baby is tiny, and just getting started.

Starting with very gentle activities for example:

1. Early Conversation – is a good place to start. You can run our hands

over baby’s mouth, hair, eyes, etc, well telling them what you are doing.

2. Nursery Rhymes – also tell them Nursery Rhymes. This active is

sure to fascinate your Special one. Make sure and change your tone

and pitch, well also making funny faces. This activity holds their

attention and reinforces language.

3. Tummy Time – Believe it or not it is time to start tummy time, The first

day home. (per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

4. Bath Time – is a fun experience for all. They feel free in the water

as well as another great opportunity to sing and talk to baby.

Then there is:

1. Listening – you Sing and Talk to your Child using exaggerated tones.

Now watch baby’s reactions to the different pitches.

2. Music – is always a good choice. It is said to assist baby’s brain

development which helps with their language skills.

3. Singing – helps to sooth the little one as well as helping with melt downs.

4. Sounds – this can be anything from around the house that makes a sound

for instance, scrunching up tinfoil, blowing bubbles in a glass of water

with a straw, tapping 2 spoons together, then watch their reaction

Month 2 – Now Baby is growing

Now the baby is starting to get a little bigger (getting plumped up)

and stronger. They are going to have new activities to work on.

Activities like:2 month old baby

1. Tummy time – should be continued in month 2, for longer time.

This helps continue encouraging baby to strengthen those neck and

upper-body muscles. Per AAP (American Academy of Pediatric).

The AAP advise to start baby,s tummy time the first day home.

Starting with just about 3 to 5 minutes is best, then increasing, as baby

gets older. You can lay on the floor, with baby to make faces and

noises, encouraging baby to raise their head. Also, lay out colorful

toys While baby’s in tummy time, you could roll your little tyke to his

back then gently back, saying “WHEEEEEE”

2. Objects – Placing an object in front of the little one, they will try to

bat at it. Now try moving it around, they will follow it.

3. Talking and singing – they love to continue to hear you talk and

sing to them. The more they hear it the more they love it.

4. Hearing – While laying on the floor, sing and talk, works well for your

special ones for their language skills.

5. Bright Colored Rattles – Bright colored rattles or anything that makes

is noise is great, to wiggle about. That improves development in vision

and tracking skills.

6. Cuddling – Baby’s Cuddling time is not only for baby but for mommies

benefit too. It is an essential sensory activity. Make sure to dedicate

time for hugs and cuddling, (skin to skin). Benefits includes psychological

and physical development, also helps with stress relief, and sleeping.

7. Reading – Baby and mommy reading together increases baby’s visual

and auditory

Month 3 – For their fine motor skills.

three month old baby

For their fine motor skills you can:

1. Reach for toys – When baby is on their back or on tummy, hold out toys.

Toys that they can reach for them

2. Sing and Clap – Sing and Clap to Pat-a-cake and help the little one

clap their hands

3. Grasp and Mouth – Provide toys for baby to grasp and put in their mouth.

Use various shapes and sizes, But nothing small enough to go through a

toilet paper roll, or it could be a choke hazard.

Additional Motor Skills:

1. Place the little one on your lap facing you, supporting baby’s head.

Encouraging them to look up at your face.

2. Continue tummy time to encourage baby reach for things.

3. Your little tyke will soon learn to imitate others. To help them learn

to imitate, repeat back to the baby whatever they do, making sounds

or facial movements.

4. When talking to your precious one it is always a good idea

to use their name. The will soon recognize who you are speaking


5. Provide baby with different textures like, carpet, wood flooring,

grass etc. They will love to feel the different textures.

Learning activities for 0-3 month old, are quite simple, but they give

the little ones a great start.
Reminder babies also need a lot of quiet

time. Enjoy this time with your, precious little ones.

Baby’s Milestones – 1-3 months

Month 1 – In month 1 Most babies can do:

1 – Lift head briefly during tummy time . small baby

2 – Focus on faces

3 – Bring hands to face

4 – Suck well

Month 1 – Half of babies are able too: (Milestones)

1 – Respond to a loud sound

Month 1 – Some babies will be able too: (Milestones)

1 – Lift head 45 degrees while on tummy

2 – Vocalize other than crying

3 – Smiles in responses to another smile

4 – Moves head from side to side during tummy time

5 – Head falls backwards if unsupported

6 – Brings hand within range of mouth and eyes

7 – Visual response to their own hand

8 – Startled by loud sounds

9 – Make tight fist with their hands

Month 2 – Most babies can do: (Milestones)

1 – Most babies soft spot on top of head should be

closed by 2 months old, but could remain open until

their third month

2 – Getting stronger every day, their holding their head

up more and more.

3 – Your baby should begin with lots of big smiles

4 – A 2 months, your baby should recognize your face,

also other faces like caregivers

5 – coos/gurgles, this is the start of learning to talk

6 – Can briefly calm themselves, by bring their hands

to their mouth an suck on the hand

7 – Begin to let you know when they’re bored (by crying

fussy if activity doesn’t change

8 – Can hold head up and begins to push up while on


9 – Makes soother movements with their legs and arms

Month 3 – Pictures are great now (Milestones)


1 – Try taking as many pictures as you can, you may never

get this same opportunity again, may never see that smile

or them lifting head up to see the camera.

2 – Vision becomes clearer

3 – May also enjoy looking at themselves, so place your precious

one in front of a mirror, where the little one can see their image

4 – Baby’s starting to discover their fingers, hands, and feet

5 – May even sleep for longer periods of time. May even stretch

the time to 7 or 8 hours. Hope that 7 or 8 hours is at night, or

better yet hope for much, much, earlier like when their 2 weeks old

6 – At 3 months babies vision is developing rapidly now they can likely

recognize faces from across the room

7 – By 3 months, crying will no longer be your baby’s primary form

of communication, baby will be cooing and googling

8 – During tummy time your little one is lifting head up about 45 degrees

9 – When holding your special one up on their feet, they are bearing some

of their own weight on their feet.

10 – Stating to interacting with sibling, through coos and other sounds

little girl sitting up in a tree

Children are the Future of the World – You are an Amazing Baby

Throuh these first 3 months your adorable little one has made a dramatic transformation

from newborn to a growing active and responsive 3 months old tiny person. With your

help in the above activities your little tyke is going to show you a glimpse of their

personality, they are truly a joy to behold, also for your whole family. Your baby is the most

wonderful, adorable, loving little person you will ever know.

Be sure to take a lot of pictures you won’t be sorry. They will never be that size or age again.

Please feel free to share your feed back below.

Thank You


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