Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers in 2022 – How Has the Pandemic Affected the Toy Industry

While we are still going through the pandemic, it is more important that we give our little ones things that entertain them or are fun for the family group. The babies enjoy playing as they are learning, The little ones like toys that are colorful, with various shapes, and have features like playing music or moving around on their own when turned on.

The pandemic has influenced toy makers and also toy purchases by the following things.

  • With toys, the family can play together and have fun.
  • Type of toys the children can play with at home.
  • Toys that enhance knowledge of science and technology (stem toys)
  • Toys that stimulate the minds of little ones and hold their attention.

In the baby and toddler years 0 through 4, there are important development, such as:

  • Language skills go from a few syllables to a conversation.
  • From starting to sit up to walking, then running.
  • Learn to play with others.

That is why finding the Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers in 2022 is so important.

Playing is how infants and toddlers learn and grow. Toys are a significant part of their learning process.

For a new baby, sensory stimulation is the key feature because that’s the baby exploring the world around them. Toys they can put in their mouths and are safe, as well as offer colors, textures, patterns, and make sounds that help the development of baby’s senses.

Below is a sample of the toys recommended for ages 0 to 6+ months for 2022.

Toy Ages 0 and older

Take Along Tunes

The Baby Einstein take-along tunes, musical toys is an oldie but still a favorite. Inspires a lifelong love of music.



Rattle n’ Rock Maracas

Perfect size for little hands to shake and roll, Plus has bright colors little ones love to see and hold.

Baby teething toy

The baby will instantly be drawn to the colorful toy, that is made for little hands



Stack of Circles, Stack of Rings, Lot of fun for Your little one

They are colorful and easy for small hands to grasp.

Haakaa Palm Baby Teether

Great for teething, has a different texture on each finger, adds interest for the baby, and can be frozen for added cooling relief.


Spring Toy for A Crib, Stroller, or Car Seat

It’s a good toy for self-entertaining while on the go.


Sock and Wrist Rattles, With Bells

Colorful smiling animals and bugs will have little ones trying to touch, grab, and look at them; this is an early development toy.

Good Night, Cuddlebug Lane

An interactive touch-and-feel, soft snuggle book. About, the moon is shining down on the lovable animal friends on cuddlebug lane.




Inflatable Tummy Time Mat

It is soft and comfortable for a baby’s tummy time; a colorful sea animal mat will catch the baby’s eyes. And help develop the head, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Play Gym Toys Center

This is a play gym toy for baby to lay on and work to sit up, it is great for having tummy time, playing the music piano, and is an all-around activity center for baby.














Tummy Time Baby Mirror Infant Toy

Great for many of baby’s development senses. Mirror and soft book help Baby to explore the world during tummy time, and the high contrast patterns are easier for your little one’s foggy eyesight to see. Plus has many other activities.




Tummy Time Llama

Plush infant support wedge for age birth and up. Engages your baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch. It is a grow-with-me tummy time support wedge.


If you find your little one is feeling that tummy time is a little challenging, or you notice the baby is not practicing their head lifting while belly-down on the floor, you might try using a small booster like this one. It props them up just enough so they can interact with toys while also strengthening their neck muscles, while their curiosity is buss on the toys.

When the baby becomes six months, they are so much fun, they are now becoming alert and curious. They start to recognize faces and items. This is a huge growth and development time, as they become more interactive.

Toys for six months and older:

Wooden Activity Cube Toy

Has 5 activities in 1 Toy. It is a development toy, for logical thinking, imagination, and creativity. It is more designed for a little one older than six months

Kids Musical Mat

Musical Piano Keyboard dance floor mat. Early Educational Toy, with 8 Unique Instrument Sounds



Musical Turtle

Awesome education learning toy has features that will grow with Baby, It includes letters and numbers.



Laugh and Learn Lit’ Game

Pretend handheld gaming console, with lights, music, and hands-on activities. Teaches directions, colors, numbers, and shapes.


Talkin’Sport, Baby Ball

Smart Reactions – Intelligent Sensor Recognize a ROLL, TAP, SHAKE, or toss, including animal sounds and songs. Good for family time or for baby or for baby to have fun alone.








Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Features a 360-degree rotating seat. Has a 3-Stage grow-with-me play center, and has a 25+ developmental activities.



Baby Loves Colors

This book introduces baby to all the colors of the rainbow, a perfect first book




Learning Activities Educational Dinosaur Game

The little ones build color recognition, sorting, and counting skills.



Touch and Go Musical Light

This is a great way for your baby to develop motor skills by helping to encourage the baby to crawl and build those muscles. Dino will move and nod his head while playing music.



Baby Tissue Box Toy

The tissue box is made of safe material with reinforced strong stitching and comes with 10 colorful silk scarves. Little ones love to pull things out and put things into boxes.





Sweet Dolly 12

Ultra-soft doll, Inspires imaginative role-play. Helps with developing fine motor skills as well as social

skills. Something infants and toddlers will love to cuddle.



Awesome musical dancing cat.

The dancing cat encourages babies to crawl and walk by chasing the cat, Learning music and rhythm, and teaching basic dance moves. These are good for the development of motor skills, language skills, imagination, and eye and coordination.





From birth throughout the first six months, the most noticeable development change is physical, “weight gain, strengthening of muscles, etc”. While in the same 0-6 months they are also introducing their social skills, cognitive, and emotional skills. That is where playtime with family comes into play.

Watching a baby learn how to reach and grab for toys is awesome, but then by six months, it gets only better as the baby learns to roll over and start to sit up on their own the toys are all a large part of reaching those skills.

Our little ones explore the world around them through play, they learn about how people feel, think, and act. Play provides practice in language while problem-solving, and the toys will help spark their imagination.


Babies are awesome, there is nothing quite so special as your precious little bundle of joy, and watching them grow and learn. Be sure to take a lot of pictures, they will never be this age again, you won’t be sorry.

feel free to share your feedback. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Thank You, and I wish the best of everything for you and your family.