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These wipes are the top choice amount hospitals, they’re thicker, by 20%, then other wipes, there sturdy, as well as feel soft like cloth. These Pamper baby wipes have been proven to work by both Dermatologists and at many hospitals. And they’re also good for those big, big, blowouts.

Baby wipes can be helpful to have around your home, and in your car there for not only taking care of your precious Baby’s needs, as well as those other messes at home.

The Pamper Aqua Pure Baby wipes can be very helpful, with those Little spills, also to wipe the counter, and they’re good for Hands and Face, “Baby’s and yours”.

I know there is a wide range of wipes to choose from. This can sometimes be confusing, Pampers can help you with this, so no more worries. The Pampers Pure Baby wipe were tested and checked out by outside experts.

These wipes are a part of a new line of baby wipes, to compete with similar wipes. Pampers are dictated to safety, they care about your little one.

You can start using them on day one and continues on as they grow older.

Pampers come in sizes by weight:

  • size 0-   10 or smaller
  • size 1-   8 to 14 pounds
  • Size 2 – 12 to 18 pounds
  • Size 3 – 16 to 28 pounds
  • Size 4 – 22 to 37 pounds
  • Size 5 – 27 to + pounds
  • Size 6-  35 to + pounds

In the beginning Babies, diapers are changed about every 20 minutes. That sounds like a lot of wipes but they help with the diaper changes. The average number of diaper changes is below:

  • 0 to 1-month-old –      10 to12 changes a day
  • 1 to 5- months- old –    8 to 10 changes a day
  • 5 to 9- months -old –    8 changes a day
  • 9 to12- months -old –   8 changes a day

Time to stock up before the holidays – Good Luck!

The Pamper Aqua Pure Baby Wipes, Ingredients is as follows:

The ingredients in these wipes are as follows:


  1. 99% pure water
  2. soft fabric
  3. 1 % Gentle Skin protectors made of gentle cleaners, HP balancing ingredients to help protect your baby’s delicate skin, “all dermatology tested”.
  4. Free of alcohol (no ethanol or dry alcohol), dyes, parabend, and fragrances.
  5. As well as gentle for babies bottom.

Customer Review Ratings, at the time this is written was 4.8 out of 5  (based on 341 global ratings).

Average Rating:(5.0)out of 5stars

Below is some review from the Pamper website.

Best product to gift

September 30, 2020Verified purchase

Always my favorite product and am happy to share with my sister for her baby.

User uploaded thumbnail, 1 of 1

Reviewed by LovebabylooneytunesLovebabylooneytunesHelpful? Yes (0)No (0)ReportAverage Rating:(5.0)out of5stars

Recommend these wipes

September 22, 2020Verified purchase

I keep these in my car for all the times I need to clean up on the go – pumping gas, walking a dog at a truck stop on the road, handling mail, etc. They’re really the best I’ve run into; the cleanser in the wipes is mild enough that I can wipe my grungy hands and then dig right into my junky road food without getting a bitter taste from my fingers. (Yeah, I have my standards…).

Reviewed by ErinRErinR

Average Rating:(5.0)out of5stars

Great wipes!! Big box!

August 31, 2020Verified purchase

Love these wipes!! So glad to find out that Sam’s has them in stock online as I haven’t seen them in their store before. This is the biggest box I’ve been able to find anywhere, usually they’re the smaller boxes. Great deal & quick free delivery!

Reviewed by WalmartCustomerWalmartCustomerWritten by a customer. Helpful? Yes (0)No (0)ReportAverage Rating:(5.0)out of5stars

Excellent Baby Wipes

April 15, 2020Verified purchase

We changed to Pamper Aqua Pure Wipes for our daughter. She was having a lot of skin problems, with different products we were using. These wipes really helped, they are gentle to the baby’s skin, and work great with diaper changes. I use the wipes on their hands, face and body all day long and her skin is fine, no more redness, or problems.

Reviewed by HappymomandnannieHappymomandnannieWritten by a customer.

Average Rating:(4.0)out of5stars

Needs better latch

June 21, 2018

I love theses aqua pure wipes because they are 99% water and the wipes are very moist! I do have one complaint which is that the latch is weak. They will latch but weakly. I had my wipes open inside my diaper bag with the friction of other things in my bag and opened wipes can lead to moisture loss. If the latch was stronger they would be perfect!

Reviewed by SaraJSaraJWritten by a customer. Helpful? Yes (0)No (0)Report

Comment from The Pampers Team

-06/22/2018 Your import means a lot to us, Sara. We’ve let the team knor that you’d like to see a stronger latch on our Aqua Pure Wipes! Average

Average Rating:(4.0)out of5stars

Love wipes hate the packaging

May 4, 2018

The wipes are literally the best! My son has very sensitive skin and they are super gentle and soothing. I hate the packaging though, I bought a value pack of 6 with the resealable plastic lids and they don’t stay shut very well. Since they are so easily opened my son gets into them all the time! I will continue to buy them because they are awesome but I wish pampers would make the lids like the sensitive wipes lids!

Reviewed by TaylorTaylorWritten by a customer.

Average Rating:(1.0)out of5stars

Bad lids

February 5, 2019Verified purchase

Wipes are fine. The problem is the lids do not snap shut. The design of the regular wipes are much better.

Rating:(1.0)out of5stars
Not as pure as described, caused irritation

June 30, 2019

Tried this due to a new grandson, and description of pure, 99% water. The fabric of the wipe is flimsy, and “stretches” when in use, making it very hard to get the bottom clean without using more wipes than necessary. The “pure” factor did not hold up as it seemed to irritate and burn the little bum. Definitely, could not use it as a face or hand wipe, as it caused redness, and chaffing. Tried it on myself, and rest of the family, with some hardcore Motorcross teenagers, and all had the same redness and irritation. What;s left is only used for places or things that we would “waste” a wipe for cleaning with. i.e. the inside of vehicles, motorcycles or something spilled on the floor. It leaves a film if using on counters or the dash of a car.

The Pamper Aqua Pure Baby Wipes reviews are one of the top choice Wipes

These wipes were new to the market last year, in direct competition with Water Wipes.

These wipes are approved by hospitals and have good reviews.

On the pamper wipes the packaging is with a plastic flip-top dispenser, it dispenses one at a time, by leaving a tiny bit of the next wipe hang out, which is very handy when you have your hands full with your little one. Babies can even play with these wipes, according to the experts they are safe. However, make sure never to flush them.

Wipes, very in price depending on quantity and packaging, click here to check on The Pampers Aqua Pure wipes at Amazon, to check the pricing.

While you are there, you might want to stock up on wipes, and diapers before the Holiday, or even check out a Baby wipe Warmer, your little one might like warm wipes. (Be sure to look for the Mold proof ones).

Please leave your thoughts or comments below.

Thank You, and have a Great Day, and enjoy your special little one.

Edith Frey



Create A Great Baby Nursery Using Plants

How Can You Create A Great Baby Nursery Using Plants – Have you ever tried Health-Related Plants

Having indoor Plants with health-related benefits in your Baby’s Nursery will turn it into a Peaceful haven, touched by nature.

The plants will finish making the Nursery a pleasant and happy place for your little one

Plants can also provide your child’s room with many healthy benefits, such as a breath of fresh air. It will also add to the whole interior of your home.

How Can you create a Great Baby’s Nursery using Plants, You can create it by adding health-related plants. This will create an environment that adds an extra level of calmness and comfort to the baby’s and mommy’s overall health. It can make a big difference to your health, your mood will also improve, as well as your quality of sleep, breathing, and reduces stress.

These things are great for your precious little one. You will love it too!

This is a List of Good Plant for Baby’s Nursery and the whole House – They Purify the Air and they are Non-Toxic

These Plant will not only add to the decor of the baby’s room, But they have health benefits as well.

1. Peace Lily – Their low Maintenance and Easy to grow in a bedroom.

  • * A Peace Lilly Is a master of air purifying, removing, and absorbing ammonia, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene, throughout the baby’s room and the house.
    Helps remove volatile organic compounds – like Acetone, which may cause nausea, headaches, and other health problems.
  • Blooms in Summer
  • Thrives in both low and bright light, but does best in a shaded area.
  • Soil – All-purpose soil.
  • Watering – Kept slightly moist, but don’t get soggy.

2. Christmas Cactus

  • Low – Maintenance
  • Water – once a monthChristmas Cactus plant
  • Soil – Sand loose soil.
  • Blooms – are bright and colorful
  • The Health benefits of this plant are in medical uses in medication, but it is still lovely inside.

Spider Plant  

Is a good air purifier.                                spiter plant

The Spider Plant was part of NASA’s CleanAir Study – It is most effective in removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

  • Formaldehyde is commercially used for making Building products. It can have certain adverse effects such as burning sensations in the eyes, throat. Nose, and can also cause watery eyes. This comes from all sorts of items that you bring home, such as waxed paper, particleboard, paper towels paper bags, synthetic fabric, etc.
  • Easy to grow – Low maintenance
  • Light – Can be kept in less sunlight, good in indirect light.
  • Soil – Any soil is good
  • Watering Only occasionally


Parlous Palms

  • Good air purifierParlous Palm
  • Slow grower
  • Thrives in low light and likes small space. (They do like a little light, does well in window area – receiving early morning or late afternoon light.
  • Full height can be up to 3-4 feet tall, might need some trimming, if you need it shorter, to fit your space.
  • Water – sparsely – under watering is better than overwatering. Allow soil to begin to dry between watering and even less in winter.

5. Baby Rubber plant – In a pot, it can grow up to 6 to 8 feet tall

  • Baby Rubber plantIt is adaptable to low light conditions
  • Water – OK to neglect watering, soil slightly moist, and little to no fertilizer High Humidity, OK to mist.
  • When planted in potting soil you should include a lot of organic matter, it won’t require supplemental feeding for a long time
  • No Allergic Properties – As a rubber plant does not produce pollen, this plant won’t cause any allergy problems.
  • Gets White small flowers in Spring.
  • Waxy Colorful Foliage – easy to clean off leaves by just wiping.
  • NASA’S clear air study – Shows the rubber plant removes pollutants, formaldehyde from the surrounding air. Apart from VOCs, it also removes carbon-di-oxide and carbon monoxide from the surroundings.

6. Snake Plant

  • A popular choice for indoor air quality. The plant does most of its work at night, It converts the carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Snake PlantOne of the easiest plants to grow.
  • Light – likes indirect light
  • Soil – any soil is good.
  • Water – Only needs occasional watering.
  • Low Maintenance

7. Lavender Plant – has gentle and Pleasant Aroma        Lavender Plant

  • Smelling the fragrance of the Lavender plant is known to help smooth restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • Overall it is the best know for stress-relieving and mental benefits.
  • Putting a plant in the bedroom also help you sleep Better
  • Soil – well-drained Soil
  • Watering – deep watering – water when soil is nearly dry.

8 Rosemary Plant

Rosemary Plant

Northumbria University conducted a study that found people that were exposed to the Scent of Rosemary, essential oil, showed it improves concentration and memory performance.

  • Light – Bright Sunlight ( likes 6 to 8 hours of full Sunlight
  • Water-Water should be evenly spread throughout the plant, during the growing season (Summer) – but needs less water in the winter, (avoid – overwatering and remember to trim, after the plant has completed flowering
  • Rosemary is one of those herbs that has been used widely in folk medicine
  • Soil – Sandy (well-drained.)
  • Blooming Time when grown in containers – Blooms Late Spring and Summer
  • Flowers come in different colors – Blue, white, and Pink.

9. Chinese Evergreen Plant

  • The Chinese Evergreen Plant – Has Allergy Relief – Researchers found that the leaves and other parts of the Plant act as a filter for catching allergens and other airborne particles.
  • Light – Low Light where other plants can’t grow.
  • Water – once a week or so.
  • Misting occasionally with purified water
  • Occasional will flower

10. Barberton Daisy

  • Safe in Nursery
  • Gets Bright mood-blooms at any time of year.
  • Soil – Sandy Soil or you could opt for a light mixture. But no soggy Soil. Allow soil to dry a bit between watering.
  • Light – indoors, place them on a sunny windowsill, that gets direct sun, for Best Success.

How can you Create a Great Baby Nursery Using Plants – Plants do Much for Your Adorable Little One, They will Grow up to be Healthy and Happy.

When you add indoor plants or trees to the baby’s room, it brings the outdoors in, making the room something special. The plants and trees make the space look great, it also creates a fantastic environment, cleaning the air of toxins and influences our mental health.  Placing plants in the nursery has a great positive influence on your little one’s development.

Scientific research tells us that green leafy plants help boost our mood. therefore, isn’t it worth trying to make your “Brown Thumb” turn green?

It should be easy to locate these plants at your local garden center, also try looking in the plant section of Home Depot, or Lowes, and even some of the grocery stores.

Please feel free to share your feedback, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You